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Ultimate Twin Registry Checklist

Congratulations twin mama and welcome to the club!

I bet you’re overwhelmed and probably have a wave of emotions that you are trying to process. Not to mention trying to wrap your head around everything you need to get done before your bundles arrive!  And, of course, one of those things is your baby registry.

Creating a twin registry can be frustrating as you’re not sure if you need two of everything or if there is any special equipment or gear that you might need for twins!?

I mean, what do you really need for twins?

Below is a list of must-haves for twins. My twins are 14 months old and I have compiled a list of what we actually used and recommend.

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Must haves for twins:



2 cribs: we bought Ikea cribs because they are not as bulky as some other cribs out there. The ones we have are no longer sold but here is a very similar one.

2 Mattresses: These are the ones we got as they are 2 in 1 mattress meaning they are made for the cribs and toddler beds. Also, they are natural/non-toxic and have great reviews. We are very happy with them to this day.

 4 fitted sheets

4 mattress covers

2 warm blankets

2 light blankets

Muslin Swaddles: We love aden+ anais muslin swaddles and specifically the large 47 x 47inch as we got the most use out of them. I used them as a nursing cover, burp clothes, blankets, and for many other things.

Velcro Swaddles or Love to Dream: we used both the velcro swaddles and love to dream swaddles. The velcro ones we used while our babies were very little and then switched to love to dream as they got bigger.

Sleep Sacks/Wareable Blanket    

2 White Noise Machine: This is a life saver or shall I say a sleep saver! We use white noise to this day as it cancels out any noise. I can vacuum while kids are napping and don’t  have to worry about waking them up.

Baby Monitor



Bassinets/co-sleepers: These items are optional as many parents decided to put their babies in a crib from the get go or they buy co-sleepers. Here are the most popular ones:

Flat Head Pillow: Alright, this is totally optional however many babies develop a flat head due to torticollis or they just prefer to lay on one side. We noticed that with our son Leo, he was starting to get a flat head and so we purchased this pillow right away. Babymoon Pod is a pricey one but it had the most positive reviews. And it worked wonderfully for our son as well, his head is perfectly round now!

Pack-n-play: Two single pack-n-play work as well and we actually prefer two separate ones. The only time we use pack-n-play is when we are traveling and our kids sleep in them. For playtime, we bought the KidZone playpen because it gave them more room to crawl and play in.

Changing Pad: Okay, this is another product that some parents swear by and others don’t. We personally didn’t bother purchasing a changing pad or changing table and made it work without it. However, it’s totally up to you.

Changing Table




Bottles: There are so many different bottles out there and it really depends on how you plan on feeding your babies. If you are planning to breastfeed then search for bottles that are designed to mimic breast flow and prevent nipple confusion.  Here are some examples:

Bottle Warmer

Bottle Brush

Drying Rack

10 Burp Cloths: Many mothers have said that the best burp cloths that they have used are not even burp clothes but cloth diaper inserts! Not only do you get more for the same price but they absorb way better.

Insulated Bottle Tote

2 High Chairs

Baby food Containers

Bibs: We have tried so many bibs until we finally found the ones we like. Baby Bjorn bibs are by far our favorite because they are made well and catch absolutely all the crumbs, spills and other messes.

Sippy Cups




Breast Pump

Hand Free Pumping Bra: I loved having my hands free when I pumped, plus this was the only time I had to grab a bite for myself.

Nursing Bras:

Nursing Tank Tops: I am a big fan of nursing tank tops and practically lived in mine!

Breast Milk Storage Bags

Bra Pads

Nipple Cream

Twin Z Pillow: If you are planning to tandem nurse your babies than you definitely need this pillow! Read about how this pillow made it possible for me to tandem nurse my twins here.





Baby wash: We personally like babyganics brand as it doesn’t have any yucky ingredients such as parabens, sulfates, phthalates, mineral oil, petrolatum, artificial fragrances or dyes. Also, it is made with 100% natural NeoNourish Seed Oil Blend to help nurture and support baby’s skin.

Baby lotion

Butt cream:

Bath Toys

Bath Toy Organizer:



Nail Clipper/ nursery kit: This Summer infant kit is amazing because it has absolutely everything that you need to take care of your little one.



NosaFrida: Every mother needs a nosafrida in their arsenal as it works great at sucking out all the boogers out of your little humans’ noses. Don’t worry, there is a filter so you won’t be tasting any boogers!


Colic Remedy: Having grip water on hand especially when you have a newborn is a lifesaver!

Garlic Ear Drops: Many babies get ear infections and these garlic ear drops are a great natural alternative to antibiotics.

Vitamin D Drops: Pediatricians suggest that you give vitamin D supplements to your babies as soon as they are born. Vitamin D supplement is essential if you live in the colder climates.

Humidifier: When a baby is congested or gets a cold, using a gentle humidifier to moisten the area around the crib, assists them to breathe better and relieve congestion.


Baby Gear:


Diaper Bag Backpack: With twins, it’s more practical to have a diaper backpack vs. diaper bag. With the backpack, your hands are freed up to carry two car seats.

Double Stroller: Read my recent post on A Guide to Twin Strollers to help you decide which stroller is better for your lifestyle.

Car Seat Adapters for Stroller: You will most likely need adapters to connect your car seats with the double stroller.

Car Seats: Many twin parents opt for Maxi Cosi car seats as they are lighter in weight and support weight limit as low as (4lb-30lb). We are pleased with our Maxi Cosi carseats.

Bundle Me Carseat Covers: If you live in a colder climate than you must get bundle me covers. This will eliminate blankets and coats while keeping your baby nice and warm.

Carriers: Having a baby carrier is nice however we barely used ours. Maybe if we had the twin version instead of two separate ones we might have used it more.







Baby Backseat Mirrors:

Diaper Pail



Clothes Hangers

Baby detergent

Baby Clothes: My babies pretty much lived in zipper PJs because this way I didn’t need to put on any other clothing items (shirts, pants or socks). However, you MUST get the zip up PJs as they are hassle-free!

Baby Hats

Baby Socks

Baby Mittens:

My dearest twin mama to be I just want to say you rock and dont worry, you will get done what needs to be done. However, I do hope this registry list helps you!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask. I’m at your disposal. Us twin mamas need to stick together!

Also, if you need some advice about what to pack for the hospital, read my Hospital Bag for Twins post.I would love to spare you of some of my mistakes of bringing useless things and also forgetting some of the essentials.

What items did you not think of putting on your registry that were on the list above? Which items do you think you may not use?

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