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Ultimate Gift Guide for One Year Old

Gifts, Gifts, Gifts…. I love gifts and especially the act of giving gifts!

Don’t you guys love watching the reaction of a person you gave a gift too?! It’s always interesting to see if they like it or if they are trying to hide their disapproving grin.

This is why, before giving a gift to someone, I always try to find out what they want or need but sometimes it’s impossible. Especially, if that someone is only ONE and has no idea what they want/need.

Recently, I had many relatives and friends asking me what to give my twins for their one year birthday and I had no clue.

 I mean what DO they need!?


However, with research and the aftermath of watching my toddlers play with their birthday gifts, I have compiled a list.

Hopefully, this will make your life a little easier when giving a gift to a one-year-old or if you are making Amazon wish list for your little one’s birthday!

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Books are great gifts as they help broaden your child’s world and allows for creativity. Also, books are a wonderful way to introduce new words to your little humans.

I love bonding over books with my twins. We always read books before bedtime, as it helps to wind them down and get ready for bed.

There are a variety of baby books out there and it’s nice to have a couple of different ones on hand. My kids love the touch and feel ones as well as lift-the-flap ones!





I have to be honest, kids are not the only ones who love puppets, I love them too! It’s always so much fun playing with a puppet and making kids giggle!

Puppets are also great for motor skills, hand-eye coordination, communication skills, self-confidence, and social-emotional connection.

Make story reading time even more fun with any of these puppets!



Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are a classic, they will never go out of style. Whenever I see my kids playing with their wooden toys, it reminds me of the ones I had in my childhood.

Also, whenever I can, I try to get only wooden toys for my kids for several reasons: fewer chemicals on them, more durable, and wooden toys can grow with the child.

Not to mention, wooden toys are simply beautiful!




Teething Toys

My kids are late teethers and so they love to munch and grind on their teething toys. In fact, teething toys are their current favorite gifts that they received for their birthday.




Walk Behind Toys

I know that walkers are frowned upon by some parents and I can totally see why. These toys can be dangerous but so can anything else in a hands of a wabbly one-year-old.

My kids love their zebra walker and I love that it encourages them to walk. We always supervise our kids whenever they are playing with it.

Aside from the walking aspect, these toys offer lots of busy finger activities and helping exercise fine motor skills.

Standing, Walking and reaching all get gross motor skills rolling!



There you have it! A fun collection of toys that will certainly keep your 1-year-old happy and busy! But let’s be honest, a cardboard box and a rubber spatula would make them pretty darn happy too!

Let me know if I missed any other toys that are your one-year-olds favorites.

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                                                                 From Twin’s 1st BDay!


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