Safari LTD Toobs and Why We Love Them!

When I first saw these small figurines, I couldn’t resist not buying them. Safari LTD makes many categories of small figurines and they are perfect for little hands to handle and to play with. There are so many reasons why they are an amazing addition to any playroom and especially to a Montessori one.

First off, they are open-ended play toys which mean, that kids can use their own imagination to play with them.

Children learn best through open-ended toys, which offer more play opportunities than complex toys. When children play with open-ended toys, they are developing social skills, problem-solving skills, language skills, cognitive ability, fine motor skills, gross motor skills, self-regulation, creativity, and more.

Safari LTD toobs are replicas of real objects which are perfect to incorporate into educational projects allowing these figurines to grow with your child.

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Here are some ways we use these figurines:


Sensory Bin: These figurines add an additional sensorial effect and interest to any sensory bins. Children learn best through touch and therefore introducing new materials using a sensory bin helps enhance their learning process.  Also promotes concentration.

Photo Credit: Montessori From the Heart


Card Matching: We make matching cards for each figurine and kids learn to match each object to its card. Matching an object to its card helps toddlers make a connection that what they hold in their hands is the same as what they see on the picture. This helps them explore abstraction, this sort of abstract thinking is essential for reading.

Language Activity: Actually, both sensory bin and card matching can be considered as language activities as in both activities you can encourage your child to say/use the name of the object. These figurines help children to see words in 3D.


Educational: Safari LTD Toobs have a variety of categories and most of them are pretty specific. For every category, you can do a theme or unit study. One of the toobs we own is backyard birds, we have read bird books and looked outside to try and find these birds. As kids get older, they can further research and learn more about these birds.

Bath Toys: These little figurines also double up as bath toys which are easy to clean and they don’t get moldy!

Overall, it’s nice to know that when we buy these figurines, we aren’t wasting money but instead, investing in educational materials for our children.


Do you own Safari LTD Toobs? Which are your kid’s favorite figurines?

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