How to Get Stains Out of Kids Clothes

As mothers, we encounter many stains such as a diaper blowout, grass stain, occasional mysterious brown spot and who knows what else. Our little blessings sure know how to keep us busy with some soiled laundry.

I have 10-month-old twins (boy and girl) and let me tell you; they are truly masters in the art of stainery! Currently, the most prominent stain in our household is a diaper blowout. Just this morning, Emma had one!

I remember the first time my twins surprised me with a blowout, I was so sure the outfit was a goner. I’ll be honest; I didn’t even want to bother with the soiled outfit. All I wanted was to toss it in the garbage and forget about it. You know just like the saying, “out of sight, out of mind.”

Yep, newbie I was, who thought poopy clothes are gross!

However, I knew that throwing out dirty clothes was not a solution especially with twins, where every piece of clothing is valuable. So, I sought out for some advice. Thankfully, my mom shared some tips and tricks with me, and now pesky stains are no longer a threat in our household.


So, before you decide to toss that stain-y frock out let me share with you my handy stain fighting guide which helps keep clothes looking beautiful and stain-free.


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Here is what I Use:

• Stain Remover:

I use Babyganics stain and odor remover because it has gentle plant-based ingredients that are safe enough to use around children. Also, the non-toxic cleaning formula is safe for all fabrics. And, the best part about Babyganic spray is that it doesn’t need to be put on the stain immediately after it happens. I mean who has a spare second to deal with a stain right away, anyway?

• Toothbrush:

A toothbrush brush is a must; it’s a perfect size to help with the scrubbing and applying stain remover gel on any stain. Dollar store sells toothbrushes for $1 and usually you can get a few of them in a pack. Or you can save your old toothbrush and use it as a cleaning brush later on.

Here is what I do:

First, run cold water over the back of the stain. It is essential to use only COLD water as it prevents the stain from setting into the fabric.

Next, apply babyganics stain remover and rub the fabric together. The toothbrush works wonders at working the gel into the fabric.


Lastly, wait at least 5 min before throwing it into the washer. By waiting a few minutes, you’re allowing the gel to work its magic. Most importantly, make sure to wash only in cold water. Like I stated before, cold water prevents the stain from setting into the fabric and also from shrinking.


Once the washer is done washing, feel free to go and admire your stain-free clothes! (I have to admit, I do this each time)


Emma playing in her stain-free pjs





What kind of stains did you recently have to deal with?

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