Montessori with Twin Toddlers

I’m sure you have heard the word “Montessori” used in mom circles and might have wondered what all the hype is??!

I’ve been there and remember someone telling me “Oh, it’s a teaching method where the child does what he wants to”.

 To be honest, I was shocked that some parents would actually choose this teaching approach!


However, after hearing some of my close friends starting to fellow the Montessori Approach, I decided to do my own research.

To my surprise, I found out that The Montessori Approach is far from what I’ve thought it was. Children aren’t left in the room to do all that they wish to do, but instead, a parent or teacher meticulously prepares the environment for a child to want to learn and play.

Most of the Montessori materials are educational and others are open-ended toys encouraging children to use their imagination.

Children that are taught through The Montessori Method learn concentration and are always at work, playing and creating!

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Here are some of the reasons we decided to try The Montessori Approach with our twin toddlers:



If you have twins or (children in general) then you know how quickly toys accumulate especially after birthdays or holidays! There are literally toys everywhere and the house begins to look like daycare!

The Montessori Method teaches that children don’t need tons of toys but instead just need a few open-ended toys displayed neatly on a shelf, at a child’s level.

Children just like adults are drawn to beautiful things and preparing a beautiful workspace for them attracts them and allows them the freedom to explore and learn.

Children get overwhelmed and overstimulated when they have access to too many toys. They have a hard time concentrating and therefore don’t play well.

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The quote “less is more” is definitely about The Montessori Approach.

When we saw Montessori shelves and how beautiful and organized they all are, we fell in love with them! We personally thrive in an organized and clean environment and I knew that this setup would work for our home and would help teach my children to be tidy.

Open-Ended Toys:

Open-ended toys are those that can be used in a variety of ways depending on the children, the day, their imagination, and desire. They foster play, creativity, and imagination. Think building blocks, dress-up accessories, and animal figurines are all great examples of open-ended toys.

These types of toys help minimize the number of toys your children have and also helps you save money in the long run. You no longer need to buy more toys in order to keep your children entertained.

Also, open-ended toys are typically good for a variety of ages which means that these toys will grow with your child. Therefore, you no longer need to sell or donate toys every other year because your children outgrew them. Also, most open-ended toys are well made and are beautiful, they can serve as wonderful heirloom toys to pass down to your grandkids.

As parents of twins, we already have to spend double on everything, so it’s nice to be able to save on toys and not feel guilty that you aren’t buying them a new flashy toy every other week!



I have to admit, I thought that kids are either born with the ability to concentrate or born with a limited amount of concentration. I had no idea that concentration is something children learn to do and as parents, we have to help them work on their concentration.

Concentration is a skill that needs the practice to improve and develop.

Montessori Approach provides an environment that offers the time and opportunity to practice deep concentration. The uninterrupted work period enables children to focus on a task for as long as they wish without an adult-imposed schedule. We have to be cautious not to interrupt and break children’s concentration when they are at work.

With twins, it’s always a challenge to work on their concentration as they are always in each others way. Therefore, this is one skill that we are still trying to figure out how to work on and improve!

Establishing Routines:

If you have twins or multiples, then you know how important it is to have a schedule and even more vital to keep all children on the same schedule!

Montessori explains that in fact, all toddlers need order and consistency.

Toddlers prefer things to be exactly the same every day—the same routine, things in the same place, and the same rules. It helps them understand, make sense of their world, and know what to expect. When limits are not consistent, toddlers will keep testing them and if they see that their nagging or meltdown works then they will try it again. Children like order in everything even their schedule!

We have always kept our children on a schedule and the Montessori Approach just put it in perspective of why it’s so important to have an established routine for our children.

Cultivating Independence:

“Help me to help myself.”

In Montessori, children learn to become independent and they love it. Children want to be able to do more, to contribute to the family.

Through Independence the child learns how to be responsible for caring for themselves, others and the environment.

As a mom of twins, I’ll be honest; I enjoy seeing my children learning to take care of themselves because I can’t always help both of them at the same time. Also, it’s nice to once in a while get a break and let your child do it himself.


You can read more about The Montessori Approach here because there are so many more benefits of the Montessori Method. We have seen positive change in our twins after starting this method and we only wish that we would have started it sooner!


Do you follow the Montessori Method or are you still thinking about it?


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