Montessori Cards “House Items”

An excellent way for toddlers to learn new vocabulary is by doing language activities and one of the best materials for them are language cards.

Language work is always popular with toddlers because they are going through periods of language explosion.


Here are just a few ways that language cards could be used:


  • classification
  • object to picture matching
  • picture to picture matching
  • matching objects that go together
  • matching rhyming words
  • matching opposites


These are a huge hit in our house! My twins especially love matching objects to cards, (read safari LTD toobs post).

However, today, I will be sharing with you our “House Item” category language cards.


If you are new to language cards then this category is a perfect one to begin with. Your child will already be familiar with these objects since they see them every day. These cards will help them learn the names of each object.

We like to play a game with our cards, whenever I show my toddlers a card with an object; they have to find that object in the room.


For example, if a card has a clock on it, they will point to a clock hanging on the wall. This is a fun and easy way for them to stay engaged.

You can even start showing these cards to children as young as 3 months old. Acquainting your child to language cards at an early stage of life will only benefit him/her as it will become a norm/routine for him. This will help him stay concentrated for a longer period of time later on!

However, don’t worry If you are just now introducing cards to your toddler.  It will require a little more patience from your end but your toddler will get a hang of it sooner than you know it!

Click HERE to get FREE “House Item” Language Cards! (Both English and Russian Versions are available)


How to Introduce Language Cards to Toddlers

  • Introduce just a handful of cards at first (5-10 cards depending on your child’s age)
  • Introduce cards when your child is in a good mood. (Usually, mornings are the best time)
  • Make language cards a part of his/her routine. (Children thrive on routine and consistency is the key)
  • Make language cards fun (play a game with them)

Have you used language cards with your toddler? Does your toddler have favorite ones?

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