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How to Plan a Budget Friendly Party Decor

My babies turned ONE this past weekend and it’s defiantly a bittersweet feeling!

However, it was fun and a bit stressful planning their first birthday party, since I wanted to give them a Pinterest perfect birthday party but on a budget.

You see, I wasn’t too keen on spending a fortune on a party. Therefore had to figure out a way to make things work.

Thankfully, I figured it out and I am so eager to share my tips and tricks with you!


1. Start Planning for the Party well in Advance


Planning anything in advance always guarantees money saved! You see, when you plan ahead of time, you aren’t tempted to buy something overpriced just because you need it. You are also more organized; you have the extra time to wait for something to go on sale or to find a good deal. Also, the extra time ensures that if you order something, it will come in on time.


2. Decide on a Theme


Deciding/planning a theme is crucial; it will help you figure out what you need and where you should start looking for decorations. Also, in my opinion, this is the fun part, you get to spend time on Pinterest pinning with a purpose and don’t have to feel guilty about wasting time.


3. Search online for deals


Once you settled on a theme, things get a lot easier.  Now is the time to search online, thrift stores and regular stores for deals. My all-time favorite place to search for party décor is AliExpress.

For those who have never heard of AliExpress, it is a website that sells clothes and other small gadgets that are manufactured in China and ships from China. Also, all of the products are super cheap and of course the quality is cheap as well. You definitely get what you pay for!

However, you honestly can save a lot of money by ordering from AliExpress!

Nonetheless, there is a catch with it and that is shipping time. It takes about a month for you to receive whatever you order from AliExpress and sometimes it can be even longer. Therefore, make sure to order at least two months in advance.

4. Keep it Simple


If you truly want to save money on decorations, keep it simple. The simpler it is the fewer things you need to buy and therefore less is spent.


Stay tuned, I will be sharing my Twins First Birthday party decorations as well as some of the DIYs that I did for their party in my next post!


Are you planning a party and have money restrictions? I hope you give some of my tips a try and if you do, let me know how it goes!?




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