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Confetti Twin Birthday Party


When planning my babies first birthday party, one of my goals was to be frugal with my party budget. I wanted to see if I could throw a nice party without giving up an arm or a leg for it.

I mean decorations are pretty pricey but, I will share with you how I still managed to save on them!

Also, read How to Plan a Frugal Party Decor for more helpful hacks.


  • DIYs

I love Etsy but unfortunately, the prices on there are sky high and I can never allow myself to spend so much money on something that I could probably do myself.

If you want to save money DIYs are a must!


I made approximately 25 confetti style lollipops which served a dual purpose: decor and as party favors.

These lollipops came out to be around $10 and it’s only due to candy thermometer which I had to purchase for $5. If I were to buy confetti lollipops elsewhere they would be well overpriced and not as versatile.

Just on this DIY alone, I saved around $15-$20.


Here is the recipe that I used to make Confetti lollipops


Another small DIY that I ended up doing is making a bow on Leo’s onesie.


You see, I purchased birthday outfits from AliExpress instead of Etsy and they weren’t matching. However, by adding the same color bow on Leo’s onesie as Emma’s skirt, I made the outfits coordinate! The ribbon was purchased from Hobby Lobby and it was 50% off which came out to be only $.50.

I literally, only spent $13.06 on their outfits and saved around $30-$40.


Here are the links to the outfits: Girl Outfit/ Boy Outfit


  • Miscellaneous Party Decor

Every party or gathering needs plates, cups, utensils but before you go and buy the first set that matches your theme, do some research. Look online for deals or coupons and I am sure you will find a better deal!



For example, here are the plates and cups that I used and because I looked for a deal, I saved around $55 on them.

Etsy was selling them for $11 a pack and I got them for $3.60 a pack.



Last but not least are balloons. I absolutely loved the HAPPY BIRTHDAY balloons that I got, they defiantly made for a great focal point. And once again, I got them for a good price. Also, scored a deal on the other confetti balloons.



All in all, the party decor was simple yet tasteful and I approximately saved $115 if not more on the decorations.



                                                         Monthly pictures of the Kids


I seriously enjoyed planning my kids birthday party and giving them what I wished for when I was growing up.

Don’t you love that once you’re a parent, you get to re-live your childhood through your children!?

I would love to hear what birthday themes you have done or are planning to do for your kids?


25 thoughts on “Confetti Twin Birthday Party

  1. Right…DIY and striking great deals available online leads to substantial savings….all it requires is a little effort and some online search …
    Great idea to organise colourful parties at half the cost ..
    Thank you

    1. Thank you Krish!
      Yes, throwing a party shouldn’t eat up anyone’s savings. Just a little research and time can stretch a dollar! 🙂

  2. your right, we relive our childhood throu our kids. I now know all the nursery rhymes and sometimes it brings the kid out of us makiing silly faces. I have my boys birthday coming in september both born in same day but different year. I am going to steal your balloon idea for deco

  3. DIYs are indeed a great option for saving money and getting your house decorated for a party. Kids love them and you can engage your kids in helping you doing the DIYs. Loved reading the post.

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