Christmas Decor on a Budget

Days are becoming shorter and the nights colder which means winter is in the air.

Today, we had our very first snow storm and I have to say, I love fresh snow. It’s always so magical to look outside and see the sparkling white blanket of snow and all of the trees dressed up in white! It always takes my breath away!

On these kinds of days, I absolutely love wearing warm cable knitted sweaters, lying on the couch and sipping on some hot cocoa, oh and of course gazing out of my window at the winter wonderland!

On these cold days, I also love decorating for Christmas but unfortunately, it can get pretty pricey real quick.

It’s definitely difficult to decorate for each season when you are on a budget. But over the last few years of living on a budget, I have become pretty good at decorating inexpensively.

Here are my tips and tricks on how to decorate on a budget.

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  1. Raid Your House


If you really want to save money, than start with what you already have.  Look through your closets, basement, and the attic and see if there is anything that you can upscale and recycle.

Some things to look for are vases, artificial flowers, candles, trays, mirrors and whatever else you can use to decorate.

I am BIG on DIYs and whenever I find something that I don’t like, I try to give it a new look.



  1. Shop Thrift Stores or Dollar Tree


If you can’t find anything to upscale at home, try thrift stores or dollar stores. Both places have plenty of things that you could use for décor and at a fraction of a cost.


However, if you aren’t big on DIYs then try shopping Home Goods, TJMaxx, or Marshalls and see if you could score some good deals. These stores always carry an abundance of season décor.  Also, try searching online because sometimes you can find some amazing deals especially closer to black Friday sales.



  1. Flowers/Plants


Flowers make everything beautiful!

For winter, I like to implement branches such as cranberries or berries and evergreen branches.  I am sure you can find some sort of evergreen growing nearby and use some of its branches.

Also, a lot of grocery stores sell evergreen branches which are usually inexpensive.



  1. Buy Decorative Pillow Cases


If you are like me than you already have a dozen pillows and definitely don’t need more. Plus, decorative pillows are pricey!

A great solution to this problem is buying decorative pillow cases and switching it up for every season. You can get pillow cases for as little as $9.00 on Amazon.



  1. Keep it Simple

If you are on a tight budget, than the simplest way to stay on it is to keep your décor simple. I am all about minimalism.

The simpler is your décor, the less things you need to buy and therefore money is saved.


*Bonus Tip!

Buy next year’s season décor after this season is over because everything will be on sale!


What are some of your favorite budget-friendly décor tricks? Please share in the comments!


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