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5 Tips for How to Succeed at Breastfeeding Twins

Congratulations to all of you mamas to be and especially if you have already delivered your bundles of joy! I am sure you are thrilled and extremely anxious about taking care of your babies.

If breastfeeding is something that you’re worried about, then let me assure you, you’re not alone in your fears.

A year ago, when I was getting ready to meet my little miracles, I too was nervous about the whole breastfeeding journey!


However, I would like to share with you some tips and tricks that I learned along the way and hopefully, they will help ease your nursing experience!


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As a disclaimer, I am not a lactation consultant and in no means am here to give any medical advice. I am just a regular twin mom who went through the breastfeeding journey and would like to share my knowledge that I gained along the way!

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How to Set Yourself Up for Success


1.) Pray


In Russian, we have a saying, “We assume but God provides”. What it means is that God is in control of everything and His plans may not coincide with ours.

Therefore, if you want something, let your desires be known, pray about it and ask for it. God is merciful and He will hear your prayers.

While I was pregnant, I prayed to be able to breastfeed my children and for God to bless my milk supply. I strongly believe that this is the number one reason why I was able to breastfeed my twins!


2.) Skin to Skin


If you can, breastfeed your babies as soon as possible after giving birth. Lots of skin-to-skin contact will help get breastfeeding established.


3.) Check for lip/tong ties


Lip and tong ties can make it almost impossible to breastfeed. A baby with lip/tong ties can’t latch on correctly and makes breastfeeding excruciatingly painful.

I suggest you have doctors and nurses check your baby/babies for tong and lip ties while you’re still at the hospital. Also, have the lactation consultant check for ties as well. The sooner you know if your baby has this problem the sooner it can be solved.


4.) Ask to be taught/mentored


Nursing isn’t easy especially if you’re doing it for the first time but it’s not impossible. All hospitals usually offer a free lactation consulting who can help teach you and mentor you along the way.

If you’re experiencing a difficult time with having your baby latch on, seek help. Most nurses can help you get your baby latched on and if they can’t they will call for help.

If you are attempting to nurse twins than ask to be shown and taught how to tandem feed. Knowing how to tandem feed and getting comfortable with it, will save you time!

Tandem Feeding Positions:

Double cradle hold: both babies in cradle position with your nursing pillow propping up their bodies and feet pointing towards each other.
Double rugby hold: one baby under each arm. You can also mix this up and have just one baby in the rugby hold and the other in the cradle hold.
Parallel hold: babies are angled in the same direction with the first baby held in the cradle position and the second baby held parallel to this.
Reclining: this can be a great position, particularly if you need some rest. Lay back slightly and place your babies on their fronts supported by your nursing pillow.


5.) Be Prepared


Having breastfeeding must haves at hand makes the process smoother. I suggest you buy all the must haves ahead of time and have them nearby when you’re nursing.

Breastfeeding Must-Haves:

Twin Z Pillow

Nipple Shields

Breast Pump

Nipple Cream

Hands Free Pumping Bra

Nursing Bra/Nursing Tank Top

Nursing Pads

Suction Cup

Nursing Cover


Breastfeeding will take practice. Therefore, you should give yourself as much time as you need to get it down to second nature. Always take it one feeding at a time. If you are having a bad day, tell yourself that it’ll get better.

Read my post on Why You Should Attempt to Breastfeed your Twins, it will give you encouragement and motivation to proceed on with this journey.

Did you breastfeed your baby? What advice or tips would you share?

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