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10 Questions Every Twin Parent Gets Asked

If you’re expecting twins, then get ready to answer the following questions, every time you go out with your little precious bundles!

My husband and I are not the most outgoing people, and we defiantly don’t like being in the center of attention but after having twins, no matter where we go, we become an object of observation.


At first, you feel uncomfortable with all the stares and glares, but then you get used to it and even start expecting it!


I used to get infuriated by some of the questions we were asked but Sev, my husband, pointed out to me that people are just curious about twins and don’t mean to offend.


However, some of the questions can be a little too personal especially when complete strangers ask them.


I’ve learned to answer personal questions in a joking way without hurting anyone’s feelings. Plus, everyone who stops to talk to you always means well!


 Here are the top ten questions parents of twins face:


1.) Are they Twins?


Nearly everyone asks this question, and if it’s not a question, then it’s a statement.

I remember the first time we brought our twins to a doctor’s appointment; I could hear whispers and hearing the words “twins, babies and there are two babies!” and seeing children pointing their little fingers at my babies.

This was the first time we experienced what it’s like to be in public with twins, and it was an unusual experience.


2.) Are they Identical?


Every twin parent gets this question asked, even if their twins don’t look anything alike and it doesn’t matter if the twins are boy and girl.

Although, I have to admit,  I asked our ultrasound tech this same question when we found out we were having twins and that they are boy and a girl. Just like everyone else, I had no idea that boy and girl twins can’t be identical!


3.) Who do they look like?


My favorite question! For some reason, everyone wants to know who do the babies look like! It’s always funny when you tell them who you think they look like and then they completely disagree with you.

Now, I usually say I don’t know, and it’s true because as my babies are growing, they keep on changing who they resemble.


4.) You, must be all set now?


This is one of the questions that I detest the most!

Just because we had two babies at once and it happened that they are a boy and a girl, doesn’t mean that we don’t want more children. In fact, we absolutely want more! We aren’t scared of the possibility of having twins again since we know if God allows it then He will help us through it!


5.) Do twins run in your family?


I have lost track of how many times I had to answer this question. Everyone is curious if you had them naturally or if you underwent fertility treatment.

In our case, they are natural, my mom is a twin, but I can see why this question can be too personal especially to those who did go through treatment.

If this question is uncomfortable to you, then I suggest you try to decide ahead of time how you will be answering it.


6.) Did you have them naturally?


I know that this question is a universal one, singleton moms get asked this just as often. However, with twins, everyone assumes that you had a cesarean delivery.

People always are amazed when I tell them that I didn’t have a c-section but delivered them.

Nonetheless, if you had a c-section don’t be ashamed about it, it’s challenging to deliver twins since many factors have to line up perfectly in order to even be allowed to try a natural birth!


7.) Do you breastfeed them?


This question isn’t asked as often as the ones above but many still want to know if you nurse. Once you say yes, they want to know if you nurse them at the same time.

You see, breastfeeding, in general, is tough and many can’t even imagine how it is with multiplies.


8.) Which one is your favorite?


This is another question that I despise! I mean how can you love one child more than the other or have favorites? I love both of my children equally and don’t have favorites.

If God willing, we have more, I still won’t have favorites. I entirely don’t understand why anyone would ask such as question.


9.) How do you do it?


Most of the times, twin parents have no idea how they do it!

I remember that from day one when my babies were born, I kept telling myself, I just need to get through this hour/day and it will get better. Now, 11 months later, I can’t believe how fast the time went by!


10.) What do you do when they are both crying?


I always want to answer that I run away and hide!

But, truth be told, it’s actually not that difficult to calm them down when you can tandem feed. I usually always start nursing them, and they stop crying.


Having twins is a unique job, but I don’t want this post to sound as if parents of twins are so special. We aren’t but our parenthood is entirely different, and we do get a lot of questions asked.


Share some questions that you recently were asked and how did you respond to them?

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