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10 Easy Ways to Occupy a Toddler

We never know when our sweetie pies will decide to wake up grumpy and cranky. Therefore, it’s nice to have a few things prepared for “those days” but if you’re like me, you only remember about this awesome idea when you need it!

So, here are the 10 easy activities that you can whip up on a whim.

These simple activities can put your child’s frown upside down and even give you some free time. (Okay, who am I kidding, it will give you a few minutes but hey it’s better than nothing. Right!?)

10 Easy Prep Free Toddler Activities


1.Drawer/Bin Dig

This one is super easy, essentially all you need is a bin or a drawer filled with anything that is kid safe. A lot of times, when I’m in the kitchen and I need to occupy my toddlers, I let them play with my tupperware drawer. Believe me when I say, that the best toys are not even toys!

2.Muffin Pan Activities

This is another activity that easily comes together in just a matter of seconds! All you need is a muffin pan and something to put in it. I usually just put their toys or some sort of snacks to munch on. Honestly, you can do so many awesome sensory activities with a muffin pan and the sky is the limit to what you can fill each opening with.

3.Baking Pan Activities

This is pretty much the same idea as a muffin pan but I like to attach magnets onto it. Kids love playing with magnets and you can even use it as a teaching tool. You can attach magnet letters, numbers or different colors.

4.” Forgotten” Toys

Let’s be honest, all of our kids have an abundance of toys and every year they get more. What we have implemented in our house is a toy rotation bin. Whenever they get new toys, we put away their old toys into a bin and when they loose interest in their new toys, we take out the bin and rotate their toys. This way they are always playing with “new” toys.

So, on the days when I really need to occupy them, I take out the bin with the “new” toys.

5. Sensory Box

If you have an empty tissue box or empty wet wipes container than you can make a sensory box. You can put all sorts of ribbons, fabrics or tissue paper. The more textured items you put in it the better as not only will it interest your child for a longer period but will help aid in their sensory development.


6. Wet Paint Brush

I know that the last thing you want to take out are water colors but this is different. All you need to do is wet a paint brush with water and give it to your kids. They will enjoy painting with water while you sip on your coffee or clean up whichever you prefer.

7. Cup and Straw Pull

Another quick and easy activity is a cup and straw pull. All you need is a paper/plastic cup, make holes in it and stick in some straws or yarn through the holes. This activity will work on your kid’s gross motor skills and give you at least half an hour of free time. I love win win scenarios!

8. Hamper/Box Dive

This activity requires parental supervision at all times but feel free to sip on your coffee while you’re at it. Kids love boxes or anything big enough for them to climb in, that’s why this is a perfect way to engage them. And, give yourself a little break from all the crankiness.

9.Plastic Cups Tower

Once again, plastic cups to the rescue! Build your toddler a tower from cups and let him knock it done. Warning, most of the cups will be severely bent and pretty much unusable after this activity but that’s a small price to pay for entertaining a child!

10.Drop a Ball

All that this activity requires is a ball and either paper towel roll or toilet paper roll. Tape the roll to a wall and let your litle human drop a ball or anything else through the roll.

There you have 10 activities that require zero preparations and are easy to set up.

Which one is your favorite? If you do any of these activities with your kids please tag #twintasticjourney, would love to see your toddlers at play!



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